What is Mazeh 9? The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Center for Young Adults.

In recent years Tel Aviv-Yafo has gained worldwide recognition for its Mediterranean beach-culture, vibrant gay scene and start-up ecosystem, putting it on the "creative cities" map. Tel Aviv-Yafo is the youngest city in Israel, with over a third of its population aged 18-35. Yet, like in many other similar cities, such “glocal” recognition and growth lead to rising rent and living prices, pushing the very young and creative out of the city.


In 2011 a newly adapted ‘Youth Policy’ was set in motion, identifying challenges and proposing implementable solutions around several key issues such as Civic Engagement, Housing and Living, Education and Work, Art & Creativity, Accessibility to Municipal Information, Immigration Absorption and more. ‘Mazeh 9 – the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Center for Young Adults' opened to serve as a home and address for the policy’s manifestation and the people it may concern.

Mazeh 9 is a dynamic establishment for ideas and activities of the young and creative of Tel Aviv. Across four floors, it holds an open work space for everyone, a subsidized working hub for social entrepreneurs, a creative space for young artists, affordable art exhibitions, a housing center, study areas and bookable rooms for rehearsals.

Moreover, it supports and collaborates with creative community related initiatives through a variety of platforms and events that allow the residents themselves to decide what goes on in the building. Mazeh 9 wishes to change the normative relationship between the local government and young residents of the city.


The Youth Department also includes other venues such as:

- Yefet 83 – a community center based in Yafo focusing on education and employment opportunities for the Arab-youth.

The ‘Library’ – a co-working space for early stage start-ups

- ‘Atidim 7’ – a business hub for Startups

All are being ‘brought-up’ in the same spirit as Mazeh 9.

Contact us:

Sunday through Thursday from 9am to 10pm

Phone: 03-5257490 (from 10:30am to 10pm) | E-mail: mazehnine@gmail.com

Feel free to contact us through our Young Olim Coordinator: kapon_y@tel-aviv.gov.il

How to get here: 9 Mazeh St, Tel Aviv (מזא"ה 9)
Bus Lines: 4, 25, 16, 18, 24 till the stop: Allenby Station / Balfour
by Monit Sherut or by Tel-O-Fun till the corner of Mazeh & Allenby

Who are we?

Michael Vole – Director, Young Adults Unit

Sarit Sela – Director of Mazeh 9 | Bar Matanya - Housing Coordinator | Chen Alfia – Production & Content Coordinator | Yvonne Kapon – Young Olim Coordinator | Zevi Zamelson - Civic Engagement Coordinator | Sivan Shur - Marketing Coordinator | Otzma Doron-Leibovich - Administrative Coordinator | Maya Harel – Young Adults Unit Secretary | Yehuda Nakav - Steward


Amit Kachvan - Director of the "Library", a space for entrepreneurship and innovation


The staff of Yefet 83, the Yafo's Center for Young Adults

Ali Waked - Director of Yefet 83 | Rinat Mashal - Deputy Director | Hana Agbaria - Administrative Coordinator