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In our phone "Hot line" for fair rental you will receive:

  • Answers to questions that bother you!

  • Meetings with a lawyer specified to contracts!


The small letters: Municipality of Tel Aviv – Yafo and/or the "Education, Culture and Neighborhood Renewal Company in Tel Aviv" is not responsible for the legal advice and its use. The responsibility is only the lawyer's. The service is intended only to apartment tenants in the Tel Aviv – Yafo area or to those who are looking to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv – Yafo.

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Fair Rented Accommodation project

We established the Housing Center in order to change the rental market in Israel into a fairer one for tenants and landlords. We have already launched a project in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood offering fair contract terms for residential housing in the private market.


We are pleased to tell you that 14 apartments in a fully renovated building at 39-41, Ha'Gra St, in Neve Sha'anan, are being rented under the following conditions:


  • Long Term Rentals: Option to extend for up to 3 years

  • Regulated Rent: A steady increase of 5% in the rent yearly

  • Standard contract for every apartment: Protection of the tenants' rights and realistic guarantees

  • Specified standard prices: Apartments of 2-3 rooms for 3,100 NIS up to 3,800 NIS


For further information: 077-3306061.


At the first building of this project, located at 20, Akiva Eiger St, in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood, 20 apartments were offered under similar conditions and in less than two months, all of them where rented.


The project was initiated by the Municipality of Tel Aviv – Yafo and was carried out by the Housing Manager.

Housing Scholarships to students

During this school year too, students who will stay in the selected neighborhoods at the southern part of the city – Hatikva, Neve Sha'anan, Shapira and neighborhoods in Yafo – can get a housing scholarship of up to 9,600 NIS per year!


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The law for fair rental

On November 20th, 2014 there was a pivotal press conference convened at Mazeh 9. Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid, Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, as well as the Mayor of Tel Aviv – Yafo, Ron Huldai, the Mayor of Ramat Gan, Israel Sinfer, the Mayor of Hadera, Tzvika Gandelman and the chairman of the Students Union in Israel, Gilad Arditi attended.


At the press conference, the law for fair rental was released which will secure:


  1. Stability and certainty to the tenant: Restriction on the rent's raise according to the CPI for a period of three years.

  2. Proper residential apartment: Determination of basic maintenance standards for rental apartments.

  3. Regulation between the tenant and the landlord: Setting of clear rules on issues such as guarantees, repair of apartment's defects, required warnings from both sides and payments related to the rent.


To view the press conference, please click here.

Why does Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality have a Housing Center?

One third of the residents of Tel Aviv – Yafo are young people aged 18 to 35 years old. 82% of them live in rented apartments.  We understand that for many, living in a rental situation perhaps comes with its challenges.

Why is it this way?


The rental market in Israel is not yet regulated by law, (although we are working on one) so municipalities currently have no authority to interfere in the relations between tenants and landlords. In a period that all the countries of Western World adopt laws which balance the relations between tenants and landlords, the State of Israel is ranked second to last, among the OECD countries. This statistic is largely due a situation where there is little supervision of the rental market and the municipalities have no authority to interfere in the relations between tenants and landlords.

So, what do we do?


The Housing Center of Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality, located at the Young Adults Center in 9, Mazeh St, is the first center of its kind in Israel.  The center promotes fair rent between tenants and landlords and serves as an information and consulting center for apartments' tenants.


And this will change the rental market in the city?


Not yet, but this is just the beginning. We are working with the Knesset to promote regulation of the rental market as a law and in parallel we develop additional initiatives in order to deal with the housing distress in the city, having a goal to turn the living experience to a fairer and more pleasant one.

Studies, Surveys and Useful Information

 We conducted a comparative study in the world. And we looked at what is behind the figure of "Israel is ranked one before the last one, among the OECD countries at the supervision of the rental market".


For the conclusions or to download the whole study, please click here (hyperlink to "international prespective")

We tested how high is really the rent in the city, what the main complaints are and what you, the residents, need.

More than a thousand people participated in the tenants' poll.


For more than 70% of the respondents, their rent increased during the last year and most of them are not satisfied by their apartment's owner.


To view the results of the survey, please click here.

For useful information and proper management, we prepared for you some booklets to download, read and use.

So how do we solve the rental crisis?

We have drafted policy principles to regulate the rental market law:

  • Balance between the rights of the tenants and landlords

  • Stabilization in the rent's increase

  • Setting of minimum standards for apartments' appropriateness


The policy proposal was presented to the ministries and we will keep you updated about the progress.

To read the municipality's policy proposal, please click here.